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San Francisco Union Square

Encircled by Powell, Post & Stockton, Geary and lots more is the United States’ pride- third largest shopping area: the Union Square. What started off as a public plaza in 1849, today stands as an arbor of the prime collections of chic boutiques, art galleries, departmental stores, tourist ornament shops and salons! Thus, its stands tall as the one of the world’s leading shopping area and the most visited tourist locations of California. Adding the sparkle to the plaza are the single-act theatres, grand hotels, petite inns, majestic repertories!


Originally, this handsome plaza was dedicated by the first American mayor of San Francisco John Geary in 1850 and came to be called as the ‘Union Square’ owing to the pro-union rallies that were carried out here before and during the United States Civil War. After that, the plaza underwent innumerous changes with many big and small events that took place in and around the location.

With years put into its resurrection as one of the world’s most desirable shopping regions, the Union Square still retains its role as the ceremonial ‘Coeur’ of San Francisco. Many events, shows, public concerts, art shows, private parties, spontaneous protests and the annual Christmas celebrations are given a platform at the Union Square.

The Plaza

If you just intend to look around, an hour or two should be sufficient. But shopaholics beware! This place just engulfs you into its charm for you would just go on shopping for hours, tirelessly and sans getting bored! You could take almost the whole day or even more to shop just what you want; or maybe even what you just saw and desired.

The best time to visit this happening shopping plaza of San Francisco is the Christmas with all shops ornamented at its best and offering everything your heart desires for and off the Christmas. Those who frenzy clothing, gear up for you’re at the right place. The stores offer much in clothing, art works and home articles. Open your wallets and purses wide, for the quality is as promising as its price.

So, which are the best places to stop?

Fine-looking shops gladly welcome you on the side streets. The Geary Street adorns the Britex Fabrics who cater a range of amazing mind-boggling array of fabrics. The Gump’s Department Store at the Post is yet another site where San Franciscans have thrived on since the 1860s.

The San Francisco Shopping Centre and the Nordstrom’s are amazing destinations in themselves, located near the Powell Street and the market street.

What if I am done with them?

Well, around the plaza are many locations to stop by and have some quality time out. First, within the plaza itself, you can come across the TIX, a half price ticket booth; watch you desired play or show without shelling out those huge dollars! At the far end of the area is the Emporio Rulli, a cool kiosk serving coffees and pastries; just sit and laze around watching shoppers hop and skip with their bags!

Macy’s Union Square and the St. Francis Hotel are too worth a look around. The Maiden Lane and the Neiman Marcus are yet other sites that warmly welcome tourists!

Words fall short for this beautiful and enjoyable plaza. Perhaps you could plan a wedding-shopping trip just to the Union Plaza for it has loads to offers and even more to give away!