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The city of Monterey is situated in Monterey County near the Pacific coastline in California. Bordered by the Monterey Bay on one side and Santa Lucia Mountains and Gabilan Mountains on the other, the weather here is always wonderfully Mediterranean, with cool breezes, glorious summers and not too cold winters. With the city situated on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary,you are sure to end up finding yourself in the midst of rare exotic species.

The city’s history is entrenched with fascinating fables. Activities like hunting and fishingare known to have started on these lands as far back as prehistoric times.Shell middens that can be dated back to the same era have also been found by the archeologists. Monterey has seen the reign of various powers, starting with the Spaniards and followed by the Mexicans before finally falling in the lap of the United States. The city was one of the first and only ports of the state and the custom house here had been declared a national landmark.

The city has to its credit a long line of firsts, including the first public building, the first theatre, the first printing press, and also the very first brick house. This gives the city a unique edge that it is known for. When it comes to art, Montereyis splashed with a distinct flavor of various art styles.The Larkin House of the city stands imposingly with itshistorical colonial architecture. Monterey is also known for being a driving force for various painters. Many an artist has picked up his easel, added a dash of color to it, and presented awe-inspiring pictures in En Plein air or in the style of Tonalism. The city has also been heralded as the ‘language capital of the world’.

With a host of sites to explore and activities to hunt, Monterey is one of the best tourist destinations in the city.The Monterey Bay Aquarium located on Canary Rowis one of the largest aquariums in the world and nothing short of a national wonder. You can take a trip to Monterey’s various marine labs for afascinating, infotainment experience. It houses ample places and opportunities where you can get your anglers ready and have a great time fishing. You can take a drive to Monterey Bay and Fisherman’s Wharf to have, literally, a whale of a time. The Monterey Museum of Art is a paradise for all the art aficionados.

If you want a taste of the wildlife, you can take a ride to the San Joaquin kit fox, Bishop Pine, or Gardner’s Yampah.The famous coastal town of Pacific Grove located in the city is popular for its beaches, monarch butterflies, Victorian houses and the Point Pinos Lighthouse.There are few other pleasures that can compete with the fun of having scrumptious fish while rambling along the streets and catching a great many glimpses of art as you pass by. Monterey is the land where fishes rule the roost, literally, and the whole town is bathed in the essence of art.

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