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San Francisco Chinatown

Next time you want a taste of China, you don’t need to fly all the way across the globe; For the Frisco city has one nestled right in the heart of its land! You are welcome to open your arms and heart to the enchantment that the city calls-Chinatown! Renowned for being the largest town after the country, the place exudes vibrancy and reflects the colors and ethos of its culture!

Chinatown is marvel unique to the city of San Francisco… it opens up end number of possibilities for you to explore. The land of ‘fortune cookie’ and ‘mooncake’, Chinatown is absolutely mesmerizing in its appeal! At all times, you will find a hustle bustle of people, life seems to be whizzing past you and all you can do is dive headlong into this adventure-Chinatown style! At the very entrance of the place you will find the historic Gateway to Chinatown. Made in the seventies, it still is provides one of the best photo opportunities for all, so don’t be surprised if you find tourists making a beeline for this!

There are a lot of alleys that one can pass through as they go about discovering this quaint old town-Wentworth, Old Chinatown Lane, Beckett, Ross and Waverly. And as you walk past by the lanes, you are sure to come across the ‘Heart of Chinatown’- Portsmouth Square. Named after the US submarine that was active during the Second World War, Portsmouth Square is said to be the spot from where the now thriving town had its humble beginnings. The square is a place where you can be sure to find the town at its best! Interesting statues and commemorative inscriptions can be found all across the square. It is also the home ground for all the festivals and fairs that our held here and especially the Chinatown Night Market Fair. During such times, the square is bedecked with lights and sparkles like a jewel! Besides this, the Portsmouth Square has had its fair share of tryst with history. It turns out to be not just an entertainment and pleasure area but also an educative and historically sound one. There are lot of other places where one can go to drink in the splendid sights offered by this colorful Chinatown, – Cameron House, the Great Star Theater, Nam Kue Chinese School are just few of the more interesting places that have the potential to lure you.

Chinatown also has its own monument dedicated to treasure human rights- the Goddess of Democracy! It also lays claim to few of the ‘firsts’ in the country – the first public school in California, the first terminus for cable cars, the first site where the nation’s flag was raised! Feast your eyes on icons like the Fortune Cookie Factory, the Asian Art Museum, and the Aquarium of the Bay. Each tourist attraction deserves to be perused through leisurely and enjoyed to its fullest! Chinatown is a hot spot when it comes to art, culture and tradition! It showcases not just Chinese history but also Asian; hence bringing in a more pan-Asian element and making it almost difficult for you to miss it as you visit San Francisco!

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